Friday, March 13, 2009

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funny sentence

I dance with a stuffed animal on my car because that's how I roll.

Spring break

For spring break I am going with the church to Arlington to help kids that don't have anything, and just go talk to them, play games and just have fun. We are going to be with them everyday and we are going to be talking about Jesus and having fun with them while were teaching. After all of that we are going to go ice skating and then the next day we are going to six flags to have fun. I think it is going to be really fun, and I cant wait till we leave and we are going to be gone for the whole week so I am ready to leave and I hope everything goes by good.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The best $100 ever spent

The four-year-old was discovered wandering around a hospital in northern Thailand, abandoned by her relatives. It was later discovered that she was HIV positive. For the past 5 years, Gim has lived at the Care Corner Orphanage where I teach three days a week, and where she receives loving care along with a number of other young orphan children, all with AIDS.

Sad to say, Gim is now in the last stages of life on this earth. In order to make her remaining weeks comfortable she is in need of oxygen. Like so many other AIDS orphans in this country, nobody knows where Gim's from, as no relatives have ever been traced. She’s without proper paperwork & so is therefore not covered under any Government medical scheme. So any medical help, like the oxygen, has to be supplied by independent sources.

On this particular day, an American friend, Allen, had accompanied me to help out & observe our work. Allen was touched by Gim's plight and made a donation of $100 that enabled us to rent an oxygen tank for Gim.

Gim now spends 6 hours a day on oxygen but always wants to stop and play on my shift. She struggles to breath properly and has a severe tuberculosis cough but somehow she stays cheerful through it all. Gim knows she will be going to heaven soon but says she’s just thankful that she can remain at the orphanage, the only home she's known, and not at a hospital.

This is possible largely thanks to the oxygen tank that Allen provided for her. Allen considers this the best $100 he’s ever spent.

Sally Golding is a Project Manager of the Chiang Mai Family Services, a FCF project in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Hi my name is Cinnamon I am a Chihuahua the thing I like to do the most is play with my family, and bit them. I like it when there home, and not at work because I don't get to see them for along time, but when they do come back I start jumping everywhere, and going crazy. Then when all of my energy is gone I just sit beside them, or lay in there laps. Most of the time when we're just sitting there we are usually watching t.v., but the other thing I like to do other than being with my family is going outside. When I go outside it's fun because I just run out the door, and start rolling in the grass, and making myself dirty. After that there is this other animal it's a cat one day I just seen it coming up to my house then I stared it down, and started growling at it. It stopped right in it's tracks then we were just looking at eachother then finally I went full steam ahead growling it started running fast I mean I am very fast, but the cat was much faster. Then I had to catch a breath so I stopped then I seen the cat laying on the car so I started barking at it, and it just looked at me. But it's been at my house for a while so I just leave it alone, and sometimes we play in the grass, but when I get her mad sometimes she starts clawing me with her paws but not hard. Then when I hear my name being called I run as fast as I can to the door, and go inside. So then I go to the room where my food, and water are at, and I take a drink, and eat a little bit then its time for a little nap. So then I lay in my little bed, and shut my eyes then I start the day all over again.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


I'm ready for Christmas because we get to have a long break off of school. Then I can be lazy all day and just do nothing, and watch football games. The thing I'm ready for is to see my family that I haven't seen in a long time so maybe I will go over there and have Christmas, but if I don't I'm probably just going to stay home, and I might go to my aunt's and uncle's houses.

Friday, November 7, 2008


Yesterday was our last football game for this season, we played against Tulia. We finished the game with a win it was 24-0, so other than the cold weather it was pretty fun. The first quarter we didn't do that good as we normally do but then after the first half we came back and played real good. Im pretty happy that the season is over because football is a little boring now, but im ready for track because thats that sport is fun, and I like to run with other people and win medals. Then at the end on the big races like the mile relay everyone is yelling, and that makes you get pumped up and ready to run, and when you come home with gold metals that makes you feel good because you no that you did something to help your teammates.